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Walther LG400-E Expert zračna puška

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The time is right for the E
The top model Walther LG400 Expert is now selling with electronic trigger!

Proven Walther technology with electronically adjustable trigger:

The e-trigger ensures wear-free operation and exact trigger settings for many shots. This makes it an ideal rifle for ambitious sport shooters. The LED-indicator and the installed rechargeable battery ensure the readiness to fire as well as easy and quick loading.

WALTHER E-TRIGGER - the advantages:
· Trigger pull weight can be reduced to 15 g
· Wear-free operation and exact trigger settings over many years
· Choice between two-stage mode and direct trigger mode
· Realistic dry-firing conditions (dry-firing trigger)
· Rechargeable battery
· Rechargeable via mini-USB from any PC or charger
· Charging time for 100 shots: approx. 1 min.
· Total charging time: approx. 90 min.
· Possible number of shots that can be fired with one battery charge: more than 5000
· LED indicators for system readiness and battery charge level
· Automatic e-trigger turnoff when not in use

· Compressed air system for 300 and 200 bar
· Modular system for personal features and upgrades.
· Individually adjustable center of gravity and weight distribution
· EQUALIZER magnetic absorber system
· Pressure reducer with QUICKCLEAN air filter
· Steel cylinder with pressure gauge
· Ergonomically shaped loading lever can be placed on the left-hand or right-hand side
· Carbon fiber barrel jacket
· ECO valve technology:
- Minimal opening pulse
- Reduced shot development time
· Breech: convenient loading, precise pellet guidance
· Loading status indicator
· Dry firing trigger
· E-trigger for extremely fine settings
· Aluminium stock with a wide range of settings and T-slot rail
· Stock tilt is possible
· Precision stock length and cheek piece setting
· 3D grip adjustment with MEMORY effect
· Infinitely adjustable fore-end with knee joint
· Light metal butt plate MEC CONTACT III
· Absolutely tension-free barrel mounting
· INSIGHT-OUT match diopter, CENTRA SCORE foresight holder
· Sight elevation BLOCK CLUB
· Gun case and accessories


System: Compressed air 300 and 200 bar

Caliber: 4.5 mm (.177) pellet

Cylinder: Steel cylinder with pressure gauge

Magazine capacity: approx. 600 shot(s)

Max. energy: 7.5 Joule(s)

Stock: Aluminium stock carrier

Stock lenght: 310-390 mm

Grip: MEMORY 3D-grip PROTOUCH, right M

Trigger: Two-stage E-trigger and dry-firing trigger

Trigger Weight: 15-120 g

Sights: INSIGHT-OUT competition sight and Centra foresight holder

Sight length: 650-850 mm

Barrel: Carbon barrel jacket

Barrel length: 420 mm

Dimensions (L/H/W): 1075-1100/290/50 mm

Weight: 4300 g

Packaging: Plastic gun case

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